Thank You

ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE thanks all of the individuals and organizations who generously supported our efforts between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016. Our work protecting the environment and human health would not be possible without you by our side. Thank you!

  Foundation List
Brooks Family Charitable Fund
Catherine Donnelly Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Echo Foundation (Foundation Écho)
Estelle Grant Foundation
Foundation for Environmental Education
Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
George Kostiuk Family Private Foundation
Ivey Foundation
Kett Family Donor Advised Fund of SickKids Charitable Giving Fund
Ken and Debbie Rubin Public Interest Advocacy Fund
Kiessling/Isaak Family Fund at Toronto Community Foundation
McLean Foundation
N.A. Taylor Foundation
New Venture Fund
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Salamander Foundation
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
The Mariano Elia Foundation
The Schad Foundation
Tides Foundation
Toronto Atmospheric Fund
Winnipeg Foundation
Wrigley Company Foundation
  Environmental Guardians ($50,000+)
Cement Association of Canada
Glen Estill
Xerox Canada Inc
  Environmental Stewards ($10,000 – $49,999)
Anonymous (2)
Patricia and Steve Abrams
Bend Beauty
Margaret Janet Chafe
Estate of Aileen Harmon
Estate of George Gregory Shane
Jennifer Ivey
Richard M. Ivey
Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman
Koru Distribution
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Nature’s Way
Ontario Community Environment Fund (OCEF)
  Environmental Champions ($5,000 – $9,999)
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada
Robert & Anne Daviesdefender_icon
Robert Eisenberg & Ellen Eisenberg
Wendy Ingramdefender_icon
Suzanne Ivey Cook
Pure and Simple
Tom Rand
Andrew Stewart
United Steelworkers – Revolving Fund
Peter & Eve Willis
  Environmental Protectors ($1,000 – $4,999)
Anonymous (4)
Wendy Berman and Ron Mayer
Bregman & Hemann Architects| Partner
Anna Burko
Richard Cazeau
Tom Cullen
Joseph P. Curran
David Donnelly & Margaret Purcelldefender_icon
Christine Earnshawdefender_icon
Ryan Fosterdefender_icon
Jack Gibbons & Mary Lovett
John A. Gingrich
Stan Gray
Jeremy Guthdefender_icon
William Howsondefender_icon
John Hunter & Jane McCullochdefender_icon
Suzanne Jarvie
Alan Kapler
Audrey Kenny
Dimitri Lascarisdefender_icon
John Leachdefender_icon
Grant Linney
Little Stream Bakery
Live Green Toronto
David Lowdefender_icon
Mel McDonald
Trish McMaster
Moriyama & Teshima Architects
Barbara Neufeld
Rod V. Northeydefender_icon
John O’Connordefender_icon
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Doreen Rutherford
Peter Scott
SEIU Healthcare
Nan Shuttleworth
Laurie Simmonds
Sleeman Brewing and Malting Co.
Smith and Andersen Consulting Engineering
Wendy Southall
Stratus Vineyards
The MPH Group
David Toyne
David Young & Lynn Eakin
Bryan Youngdefender_icon
  Environmental Friends ($500 – $999)
Faizal Alidefender_icon
Brianna Aspinall Nunezdefender_icon
Sophie Bartdefender_icon
Graham Beckdefender_icon
Bentall Kennedy
Bruce Bestdefender_icon
Jonathan Braunsteindefender_icon
Dave Caloiadefender_icon
Center for Environmental Health
Jacqueline R. Codedefender_icon
Brenda Coomber
John Corby
Dudley Cordell
Dawn E. Crandelldefender_icon
Fatima & Chris Crerardefender_icon
Jason Crippsdefender_icon
Brian Dawson
Jim & Mary Donnellydefender_icon
Kae Elgie
Rick Findlay
Christopher Fleckdefender_icon
Craig Forcesedefender_icon
William Fulghum
Cindy Gibbons
Susan Grant Hall
Mark Graydefender_icon
James Gray-Donald
Judy Haddaddefender_icon
Jeff Jennerdefender_icon
Philip F. Jones
Howard Kaplan
Donna Laileydefender_icon
Matthew Latella
Livewire Communications Inc.
Ann & Sam Malcolmsondefender_icon
Sean McCluskeydefender_icon
David McInroydefender_icon
Mychelle Mollotdefender_icon
Mary Mowbray
Michael Perleydefender_icon
Marjorie Philip
Carol Redmonddefender_icon
Martha Shuttleworth
Debbie Steissdefender_icon
Stephe Teatherdefender_icon
George Tomlinson & Suzanne Cohendefender_icon
United Way Centraide of Ottawa-Carleton
Rebekka Valiandefender_icon
Piet van Dijkendefender_icon
Rachel Van Geest
Ian Werker & Janet Saunderson
Adam Whitedefender_icon
Sandy & Gareth Williamsdefender_icon
Peter Yudefender_icon
Jeffrey Zacks
Michael Zaleski
  Environmental Advocates ($250 – $499)
Joyce Abbott
Danny Amaraldefender_icon
Sonya Amin
Barry Andruschakdefender_icon
Christina Armstrong & Stephen Newportdefender_icon
Gary Balabaniandefender_icon
Jesus Ballesterosdefender_icon
Susan Baranikdefender_icon
Daniela Barberdefender_icon
Linda Barnettdefender_icon
Michael Bartlettdefender_icon
Yousef Bayanidefender_icon
Mary Ann Beamishdefender_icon
Deborah A. Beatty
Anahita Belangerdefender_icon
Troy Beley
Renee Beneteaudefender_icon
Andy Biancodefender_icon
Vaughn Blabdefender_icon
Bryan Boultondefender_icon
Eleanor Bourgoindefender_icon
Stephen Bradeendefender_icon
Steve Breartondefender_icon
Nicole Breedykdefender_icon
Helen Brinkdefender_icon
Daryna Bronnykovadefender_icon
Charlene Brookedefender_icon
Marilyn R. Brydges
Jeoffrey Bull & Julia Rhodesdefender_icon
Marcella Bungay Stanierdefender_icon
Edward Burdendefender_icon
Royal Burkedefender_icon
Rob & Wendy Burtondefender_icon
Barbara J. Campbell
Christelle Campbelldefender_icon
Jennifer Canhamdefender_icon
Andrew Sullivan Cantdefender_icon
Chris Carterdefender_icon
June Caskeydefender_icon
Steve Castellanodefender_icon
Paul Chiassondefender_icon
Alexandria Chibokdefender_icon
Elizabeth Chrumkadefender_icon
Heino Claessensdefender_icon
George Clarkdefender_icon
John Cockburndefender_icon
Mike Collingedefender_icon
Charles Collinsdefender_icon
Susan Coynedefender_icon
Paul Craggdefender_icon
Kelly Craigdefender_icon
Joan M. Crowe
George H. Crowell
M. Anne Curtis
Susan Dalrymple-Fraserdefender_icon
Helena de Jonge-Crane
Diane DeGrandisdefender_icon
Bryan Dewardefender_icon
Daphne Dubedefender_icon
Gayle Duchenedefender_icon
Greig S. Dunn
Sharon Duttondefender_icon
Diane Dykedefender_icon
Alan Eastwood
C. Gordon Edgardefender_icon
Nicholas Eisnerdefender_icon
Kent Elson
Matt Etheridgedefender_icon
Mary Farrar
Felician Sisters of St. Francis of Canada
Deborah L. Fergusondefender_icon
Jonas Fernandezdefender_icon
Vilma Filicidefender_icon
Gary Fisherdefender_icon
Bernard Fleetdefender_icon
Gary Fleischmanndefender_icon
Andre Flysdefender_icon
Marc-Andrew Foleydefender_icon
Richard Fortierdefender_icon
Andrea Fotidefender_icon
Lorne Foxdefender_icon
Vera Frantisakdefender_icon
Pierre Fréchettedefender_icon
Frank Froklage
Lynda Gagnedefender_icon
Brenda Gallie Jewettdefender_icon
Anaud Ganpaul
Suzanne Gates
Eric Gauthierdefender_icon
John Gealedefender_icon
Tove Geertsendefender_icon
Gibsons Marina and Hyak Marine Services Ltd.
Jordan Goldblattdefender_icon
Christopher Gore & Pamela Robinsondefender_icon
John & Lesley Grahamdefender_icon
Bernard Green
Brenda Guldensteindefender_icon
Roger Guttormsondefender_icon
John & Janet Hannamdefender_icon
Mary Harmerdefender_icon
Sarah Harmerdefender_icon
Marlene Harrisdefender_icon
Alexandra Hatfield
Rick Haywarddefender_icon
Patricia Healydefender_icon
Joseph Heathdefender_icon
Genevieve Hebertdefender_icon
Ole Hendricksondefender_icon
Elwood & Joanne Henning
Patricia Henrydefender_icon
Melanie Herbindefender_icon
Barbara Herondefender_icon
Geneva Hewetsondefender_icon
Kathryn Hinddefender_icon
Robert Horwooddefender_icon
Lyle Hoslerdefender_icon
John Howarddefender_icon
Feng-Ling Hsudefender_icon
Benjamin Hulbertdefender_icon
Daniel Hurddefender_icon
Adele M. Hurley
Lorna Irwin
Margaret Jackson
Lawrence Jacobsdefender_icon
Steven Jacobs
Marcus Jansendefender_icon
Carolyn Johnsondefender_icon
Maureen Johnsondefender_icon
Janette Johnstondefender_icon
Elizabeth Jonesdefender_icon
Michael Jonesdefender_icon
Margaret A. Joshidefender_icon
Stephen Jurisicdefender_icon
John Kabutuladefender_icon
E. Katicdefender_icon
Rajiv Kaushikdefender_icon
Katherine Kehoedefender_icon
Charles A. & Catherine Keildefender_icon
Elaine Keillor
Brian Keith & M. Thelanderdefender_icon
Doug Keizerwaarddefender_icon
Margaret H. Kellydefender_icon
Russell Kemp
Kong Khoodefender_icon
Richard J. Kingdefender_icon
Hannah Klassendefender_icon
Peter Koetsier
Deborah Kohndefender_icon
Franciska Kouwenhovendefender_icon
Karen Lamdefender_icon
Joannah Lawsondefender_icon
Dominic Lehnertdefender_icon
Harriet Lewis
Becky & Kathy Liddledefender_icon
Suzanne Linkdefender_icon
Melanie Littledefender_icon
Christine Logandefender_icon
Jane Low-Beer
Barbara Lucadefender_icon
Murray Lumley
Sylvia Lustgartendefender_icon
Andrew Mackay
Rory Mackintoshdefender_icon
Casey Mahooddefender_icon
Larisa Makuchdefender_icon
B. Malcolmdefender_icon
Hannah Manolson-Murphydefender_icon
Peggy Masondefender_icon
Nora Mathedefender_icon
Himal Mathewdefender_icon
Mike McCalliondefender_icon
Gillian McEachern
Hamish McEwan & Patricia Talbotdefender_icon
Sara McEwendefender_icon
Timothy McGrenere & Melanie Gilbertdefender_icon
Ian McLeandefender_icon
Douglas McLeandefender_icon
Sheila McNair
Jan F. Meglydefender_icon
Gerhard Meinzer & Suzanner Houle-Meinzer
Quentin Mercredidefender_icon
Nancy Meyerdefender_icon
Christopher Meyerdefender_icon
Marilena Michienzidefender_icon
Leslie Middaughdefender_icon
Sue Milligandefender_icon
Mill Street Brewery
Christina Mocklerdefender_icon
Andreea Modrea
Cory Mogk
Sean Mooredefender_icon
Dorothy Moszynskidefender_icon
Molly & Peter Mulloydefender_icon
Kerri Mutriedefender_icon
Aliza Nathoodefender_icon
Jennifer Nebeskydefender_icon
Michael Nelsondefender_icon
Glenn Nicholsdefender_icon
Harley & Heather Nicholsondefender_icon
Daniela Claudia Nolanodefender_icon
Kathy O’Briendefender_icon
Karen Olssondefender_icon
Colleen O’Neilldefender_icon
Ontario Sustainability Services Inc.
Marie Parisedefender_icon
Abraham & Laurette Petersdefender_icon
Irina Petrovadefender_icon
Graham Pettdefender_icon
Julie Phillipsdefender_icon
Elaine G. Porterdefender_icon
Michael Pratt
Robert & Betty Price
Judith Raedefender_icon
Catherine Randdefender_icon
Alan Reeddefender_icon
Wendy Reinerdefender_icon
Charlotte Rigbydefender_icon
Jonathan Rittenhousedefender_icon
David E. Rodger
Margaret Rodriguesdefender_icon
Mark Rowlinson
Peter Sale
Paul Sanborn
Janet Saunders-Eisandefender_icon
Pamela Scholey
Deborah Schulte & David Schenckdefender_icon
Eric Schulz & Rosemarie Schulzdefender_icon
Ersilia Serafinidefender_icon
George Shantzdefender_icon
Daniel Shapdefender_icon
Rod Shepparddefender_icon
Paul Sheridandefender_icon
Hanns & Marlene Skoutajandefender_icon
Paulette Soperdefender_icon
Verne Sparksdefender_icon
Chris Spenceleydefender_icon
Gisele St. Hilaire
Teresa Stefurakdefender_icon
Karen Stevensondefender_icon
Beth Stocktondefender_icon
Stratcom Strategic Communications
Emma Strombergdefender_icon
Mark L. Strongdefender_icon
Ross Sutherland
Ron & Susan Swaildefender_icon
Debbie Tait
Don Tayfeldefender_icon
Kristin Taylordefender_icon
Sharon Taylordefender_icon
John Telgmanndefender_icon
Larry Thiessen
Jordan Thomasdefender_icon
Doris Toeppdefender_icon
Krista Tominidefender_icon
Joanne Treffrydefender_icon
Ann Truyensdefender_icon
David Tweediedefender_icon
Jean M. Ucardefender_icon
Mark van Stempvoort
M. Evelyn Veale
Magnus & Angela Verbruggedefender_icon
Carolyn Vose
Joan Wagerdefender_icon
Timothy Wainwrightdefender_icon
Ashley Wallacedefender_icon
Carol Wallacedefender_icon
J. Michael Wattsdefender_icon
Tim Welshdefender_icon
John Whitakerdefender_icon
Felix Whittondefender_icon
Christopher Whynot & Colleen Abelesdefender_icon
Marilyn Wileydefender_icon
Jane Patrice Wilkinsdefender_icon
Timothy Willettdefender_icon
Andre Willidefender_icon
Andrea Williamsdefender_icon
George Wittedefender_icon
Jason Wooddefender_icon
Michele Wrightdefender_icon
Pheona Wrightdefender_icon
C. Elaine Yatesdefender_icon
Patricia C. Yeatesdefender_icon
Alex Youngs
Geoff Zeissdefender_icon
Amy Zierlerdefender_icon
Mateusz Zurowskidefender_icon

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